Will the School Shootings Never End?

My heart goes out to the victims and families of the seemingly-endless stream of shootings in our nation’s schools.  We send our children to school to learn, to grow, to gain confidence and to learn their place in the world.

Of course, above all, we expect them to be safe in those schools.

I am horrified to hear that our town, in addition to locking all doors to the schools, is conducting “active shooter” drills.  I’m not arguing against the need to be prepared, but all of the drills in the world cannot hope to protect against the ever more-powerful weapons that even teens can get access to in the U.S.

When a nation fails to protect its youngest and most defenseless citizens, over and over, what does that say about its leaders and those who elect them?


See an interview with the president of the AAP regarding gun control here: