We offer services directly to consumers (parents) and to businesses.

Parent/consumer vaccination question or record review:

We can answer a question regarding vaccination in general or about a particular vaccine’s history or present use. We can also review your child’s full vaccination record and let you know if he/she is up to date, or if there are missing vaccines according to the U.S. recommended schedule. This can be helpful for people who have deferred vaccines in the past or who are moving to the U.S. with school-age children.  If sending vaccination records for review, please include dates of all your child’s vaccines and her/his birthdate (or age in years/months) above but do not enter any protected health information (such as full first and last name, SSN, etc).  This site is not intended to be HIPPA-secure.

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***Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.


1. Parent/consumer vaccination question

Vaccination question



2. Full vaccination review

We can review your child's full vaccination record and make sure that vaccines were given appropriately, as well as informing you of what vaccines are still needed (if any), according to the U.S. standard vaccination schedule.



For businesses:

We can help you develop a plan for conducting annual influenza vaccinations on-site, review employee vaccination records, or consult on matters relating to vaccination with regards to illness prevention or liability.  Please contact us via our Contact page for further discussion.