I am a primary care pediatrician in Boston, at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children.  I have lived and worked in the city of Boston for the past 20 years.  I am married; my wife Jennifer and I have 2 sons who were born here and are now in their teens/early 20s.  I started this blog to speak out on some issues that affect all children, specifically in the U.S but also more broadly worldwide.  I hope to inform and also to interact with my audience to bring children’s health needs into focus.

My passions in medicine are general pediatrics, vaccination and infectious diseases and their prevention.  Also, as the father of 2 teens one cannot help but be concerned about the health, safety and successful launching of our upcoming young adults.

I will be trying to post weekly (hopefully even more often at times) and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on my topics (or yours), likely with emphasis on vaccination issues and health care topics that may come up in the news, either in the US or beyond.  I hope to have an audience of parents, patients and other docs.

In my practice I am a big advocate of infectious disease prevention (maybe you noticed) and vaccination more specifically.  I have written several articles for the Harvard Medical School Online CME website, and I am also a clinical trial volunteer subject for a vaccine that prevents HIV and is currently in phase 2B trials in Southern Africa – first data should be available in 2018-2019!

Aside from Pediatrics, my interests include volunteering, mostly around the issues of hunger and refugee health.  I’m a regular at our American Red Cross Food Pantry on weekends and we are also involved in food rescue with the organization Boston Rescuing Leftover Food.  Finally, our temple is currently helping to resettle a family from Syria who now live in Boston (this is mostly my wife’s project).

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