Chinese Vaccine Uproar

This week news broke that a large China-based vaccine manufacturer called Changsheng Biotechnology Co. had both produced “unsafe” DTP vaccine and had falsified records of production of a rabies vaccine.  See the WSJ story here:

Also, see an update from 7/30/2018 here:

None of these applies to the U.S. vaccine supply; these were all for in-country use and were sold to local provincial governments within China.  In the U.S., every biotech company’s products, including vaccines, must be separately submitted for approval through a lengthy process before they can be sold.   We also have very vocal consumer advocates and social media which are quick to call out deficiencies in the drug manufacturing realm.

Health scares in China, like every large country, are not rare.  Just as we have had the lead in Flint, MI, several years ago China had the scandal of thousands of dead pigs found floating in rivers used for irrigation and for drinking water.  More recently, melamine found in Chinese milk products, infant formula and pet foods made headlines by causing kidney failure and deaths in both humans and pets.

Physicians in Hong Kong with access to international vaccine supplies, are expecting a surge in patients from mainland China seeking safer vaccine choices:



Author: marcgrella

Primary care pediatrician; vaccine advocate; hunger fighter; refugee supporter.

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